- Download the Theme that was started as a Inspiration from SIMPLY LOVE Theme (originally made by Hutpiggypig and Mad Matt for SM 3.95/ITG). This is current updated version, works on Stepmania 5 Beta 3 or newer.

* This is a Special edition called SIMPLY ARROW ~Deluxe~. It has only some changes in relation to the Original one, the main is a New Common Font and a special ScreenGameplay.

0. Download from 4Shared

1. General Information:

- The Theme works Only on Stepmania 5.
- The Theme has been updated for works with Stepmania 5 Beta 3.
- The Theme works only with Aspect Ratio 16:9
- It works with Any Resolution.
- The Theme has Only English Language available.

2. New Features:

- It is now compatible with Multiples GameTypes.
- It has a "friendly" design during the Online Play.
- More closer to SIMPLY LOVE (In certain points).
- The BPM now is adjusted if a player uses a Rate Mod. It is shown on ScreenGameplay and ScreenEvaluation where here shown the original + the rated BPM.
- [New] The Nonstop and Marathon has been fixed.


The Arrows above change depending of the Current GameType (like SL) and The GameType Option appears here.


The screen has been updated!


I have ordered the Options and separated by a "horizontal line" for better lock.


This is the Main New Feature on this Special Edition!


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