- Download the Theme that was started as a Inspiration from SIMPLY LOVE Theme (originally made by Hutpiggypig and Mad Matt for SM 3.95/ITG). This is current updated version, works on Stepmania 5 Beta 3 or newer.

0. Download from 4Shared

1. General Information:

- The Theme works Only on Stepmania 5.
- The Theme has been updated for works with Stepmania 5 Beta 3.
- The Theme works only with Aspect Ratio 16:9
- It works with Any Resolution.
- The Theme has Only English Language available.

2. New Features:

- It is now compatible with Multiples GameTypes.
- It has a "friendly" design during the Online Play.
- More closer to SIMPLY LOVE (In certain points).
- The BPM now is adjusted if a player uses a Rate Mod. It is shown on ScreenGameplay and ScreenEvaluation where here shown the original + the rated BPM.
- [New] The Nonstop and Marathon has been fixed.

3. GameTypes and Styles:

I have decided to add support adding the corresponding Icons and Styles to the followings GameTypes, Remember that each GameType requires a supported Noteskin for each one:

- Dance [100% Supported]: Single, Double, Threepanel, Solo, Versus, Double Performance.
- Pump [100% Supported]: Single, Double, HalfDouble, Versus, Double Performance.
- Techno [75% Supported]: Single4..5..8, Double4..5..8, Versus4..5..8
- KB7 [75% Supported]: Single.
- Pop N' Music [75% Supported]: Popn-five, Popn-nine
- Beat [90% Supported]: 5Keys, 7Keys, 10Keys, 14Keys, Versus5, Versus7

* Techno, KB7 and PopNMusic, has little issues with the Theme, but I have added them just for testing or fun playgames, Dance and Pump are working at 100%.


The Arrows above change depending of the Current GameType (like SL) and The GameType Option appears here.


The Options Lines now appears ABC-ordered and the lines has been re-adjusted.



It has been updated, now only appears the Styles supported by the current GameType, also it has support for Beat Mode.

* The Images above are from SIMPLYFICATION, are the same on SIMPLY ARROW.


* The Image above is from SIMPLYFICATION, is the same on SIMPLY ARROW.


The screen has been updated!


I have ordered the Options and separated by a "horizontal line" for better lock.


The screen has been updated!


For all the styles excluding: Single, Versus and Routine. The elements of the screen appears centered.

4. Online Play:
The Theme now is "friendly" with the Online Play, the ScreenNetRoom and ScreenNetSelectMusic has been updated for support a better Online Play!


The Corresponding Elements has been added and reorganized.


The Corresponding Elements has been added and reorganized.

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