CREDITS AND SPECIAL THANKS TO (Not in a specific order):

- Custom Player Judgment (SM5 code from dbk2/idea from HurtPiggyPig)
- Custom SpeedMod System (SM5 code from dbk2/idea from Mad Matt)
- SM5 noteskins for various gametypes (Jousway)
- other bits of Lua (freem)
- Special Thanks to CyberiaStyle Project (Not neccesary used a file, but it helped a lot).
- Special Thanks to waiei Theme (Not neccesary used a file, but it helped a lot)
- Also the Community of ZIV... I found good people here.
- And Everyone that makes Themes and are pro in LUA and in all these stuffs of Stepmania.

- And personally Thanks to these people that I admire for multiples reasons, mainly Mad Matt for his skills and funny videos also WinDEU, for his amazing works with courses and all, and dbk2 because, I bucking love your music!

0. Download from 4Shared

1. General Information:

- The Theme works Only on Stepmania 5.
- The Theme has been updated for works with Stepmania 5 Beta 3.
- The Theme works only with Aspect Ratio 16:9
- It works with Any Resolution.
- The Theme has Only English Language available.

2. New Features: (This Theme has multiples features in relation with SIMPLY ARROW)

- It is now compatible with Multiples GameTypes.
- It has a "friendly" design during the Online Play.
- More closer to SIMPLY LOVE (In certain points).
- The Theme supports differents Judgments Graphics for each player.
- The BPM now is adjusted if a player uses a Rate Mod. It is shown on ScreenGameplay and ScreenEvaluation where here shown the original + the rated BPM.
- A Different SpeedMods System implemented from SL for SM5.
- [New] The Nonstop and Marathon has been fixed.

3. GameTypes and Styles:

I have decided to add support adding the corresponding Icons and Styles to the followings GameTypes, Remember that each GameType requires a supported Noteskin for each one:

- Dance [100% Supported]: Single, Double, Threepanel, Solo, Versus, Double Performance.
- Pump [100% Supported]: Single, Double, HalfDouble, Versus, Double Performance.
- Techno [75% Supported]: Single4..5..8, Double4..5..8, Versus4..5..8
- KB7 [75% Supported]: Single.
- Pop N' Music [75% Supported]: Popn-five, Popn-nine
- Beat [90% Supported]: 5Keys, 7Keys, 10Keys, 14Keys, Versus5, Versus7

* Techno, KB7 and PopNMusic, has little issues with the Theme, but I have added them just for testing or fun playgames, Dance and Pump are working at 100%.

The Arrows above change depending of the Current GameType (like SL) and The GameType Option appears here.

The Options Lines now appears ABC-ordered and the lines has been re-adjusted.


It has been updated, now only appears the Styles supported by the current GameType, also it has support for Beat Mode.


This is the best part of the new Theme, has a lot of changes a difference of SA Theme, on this Screen over the Header, appears the corresponding Style Icon from the current Player. Also It now has a Groove Radar and show the current gametype with an icon. NEW: The Difficulty list has been updated also, now appears some profile stats like: Total Taps and Holds, Total Jumps, Rolls, etc. And the current Group folder when we are choosing a song.


I have ordered the Options and separated by a "horizontal line" for better lock. Here, I have added a special line called "Fixers". Now, each player can select a different Judgment Label during the Gameplay and also this is how-it-looks-like the new SpeedMod System.

[ScreenPlayerOptions] for Nonstop and Marathon

It now has some changes, also, the Theme adjust the BPM corresponding to the actual Rate mod, and shown 2 differents Judgement Labels.

Some values changes, And like this appears the Normal BPM and the Rated BPM by separated.

For all the styles excluding: Single, Versus and Routine. The elements of the screen appears centered.

4. Online Play:
The Theme now is "friendly" with the Online Play, the ScreenNetRoom and ScreenNetSelectMusic has been updated for support a better Online Play!

The Corresponding Elements has been added and reorganized.

The Corresponding Elements has been added and reorganized.

5. Extras and Miscelaneous:
Here are some previes of differents Gametype at ScreenGameplay like KB7, Tchno n' PopNMusic. and the Theme has included 2 differents "Fixers" for make the receptors more centered, just select 1 of them and replace it with the other one.

[Techno Double8]
Here is the Techno mode playing Double 8, like this appears using the Fixer specially for this style + using Zoom -25%

[KB7 Single]
This is the KB7 Gametype, it has only 1 style.

[Popn popn-nine]
PopNMusic game, this with Techno has issues with the Combo, Techno doesn't count the hit arrows and PopNMusic hit as Misses the arrows.

[Beat 14Keys]
This is a preview of How-It-Looks-like the ScreenGameplay playing the Style 14Keys on Beat Mode.

[ScreenGameply - Centered Receptors]

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Comment posted by LOMDR, 09-10-2014, 16:24 (UTC):
I did try out this theme in Beta 4, but it kept on spitting out Null value cautions in the header area as well as the default arrow placement cuts out half of the outer most arrow for each player if you're not playing centered or using a Technomotion Fix

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