Ok, long time since I release the first public Beta of this Theme... This one has become my very best theme, I started it as a very simple and Quad'ed Interface. But now it has a lot of incredibles features and changes.

### REVISION 8.6.0 (RC2) ###


### TODO LIST ###

- Finish the Online Play.

### CREDITS ###

dbk2. Thanks for give me permission to use some Scripts and specially the Vocalization.
Mad Matt. Helped me with a Script that I cannt figure out by me self.
CrzP. Time ago I asked by a Script for a Banner on Online Play. Used Here!!
Kyzentun. Helped me with a helpful Function.


- The Theme compatible with Stepmania 5.0.7
- Is Recommended with 16:9 and 1920x1080.
- The Theme has been made only for be compatible with "dance" gamemode.
- Don't use Center1Player, I made this theme thinking in not use that option, sorry.
- The Theme is fully compatible with Online Play.
- English Language is Highly Recommended.

### FEATURES ###

Global Features:
1. Theme Color, you can change the entire theme color. (Available colors: Normal(Blue), Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange).
2. Disable Modifiers, basically it disable the access to any PlayerOptions screen.
3. Stage Information, (it still buggy but works almost all the time). Determine if show the ScreenStageInformation after select a song.

1. Added to Create a Profile directly from here, then you get back to the Screen to inmediately select the new Profile. You have to press [START].

1. Reorganized completely!
2. Now it shows several elements for each player.
3. Added Judgments Records #1, #2 and #3 for each player.
4. Added the Record #1 for Chart infomation.
5. LevelSystem added (Experimental): This is a very simple but fun Level System I did where you get Experience (EXP) and you get a determinate Level (from 1 to MAX/100). The EXP is determinated by the total of Taps + Holds + Hands + Jumps.

1. Options organized in 3 Pages.
2. Special Options added: Surround Life Color, Player Stats, Remaining Life, Negative PercentScore, Enable Auto Restart, Vocalization Score.
3. Added Enable Auto Restart, if this is set "ON", during Gameplay any player can press [SPACE] to automatically restart the screen to start again the current selected song.

(For 1 Player Enabled):
1. [TAB 1]: It shows different information during gameplay, it includes: Current Judgments (With Number and Percentage), Alive Time, MaxCombo, Current Grade, Personal Record #1 Stats.
2. [TAB 2]: It shows Song, Artist, Group, and Location of the current song, Number of Taps, Jumps, Holds, Mines, Hands, Rolls, Lifts and Fakes from the current Song and Chart.

(For 2 Players Enabled or Double Style):
1. It automatically change the elements to fit in a short space for each player, but only the most important information is shown and the Tabs System are not used here.

1. Here you have 3 Tabs with differents elements in each one.
2. [TAB 1/6]: Grade, Percent Score, Judgments Stats, Max Combo, GraphDisplay.
3. [TAB 2/7]: Show the Best 9 Personal Records including Percent Score and Grade.
4. [TAB 3/8]: It shows the Total of the current session of Judgments.

### DOWNLOAD ###

- From 4Shared (Theme): 
- From MF (Voice Pack): 













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