These are the News about my Website and all my Projects, also, I will be posting information and updates about my Stuffs, specially about Stepmania. And maybe others things.

A new Theme Coming Up!

Admin (Ov3rHell3XoduZ) | Posted: July 14, 2014 (Chile)
on 14-07-2014, 23:26 (UTC)
Back again with Some News, I am working in a New Ported Theme for SM5. Reiaya has released a Theme of a Popular Dancing Game. And I have the permission for remake a HD Remastered version of this Theme!!

Stay Tuned for more news and new information about this new Theme for Stepmania 5!

The Comments have been Enabled!

Admin (Ov3rHell3XoduZ) | Posted: July 05, 2014 (Chile)
on 05-07-2014, 17:22 (UTC)
Now, you will able to post comments in differents pages inside the Website, Not All the pages has the Comments enabled, just the necessaries.

You can use the comments for post your feedback in a determinate Theme or Page, and if a Link inside the page doesn't Works!

NOTE: Please, be careful with your comments, inadequate comments/words will makes your post been Deleted!

In The Groove 2 is Available for Download!

Admin (Ov3rHell3XoduZ) | Posted: July 04, 2014 (Chile)
on 04-07-2014, 19:34 (UTC)
Finally you can test In The Groove 2 for Stepmania 5 Beta 3, I have released a "Earlier Access" Version for everyone who want to test the first ITG2 theme for SM5. This ITG2 works perfectly for players with a native resolution of 1920x1080p (16:9 Widescreen).

Remember that, this earlier version is not 100% Completed, this is for get feedback about any error/bug/etc, you will be able to post them soon on the website. Follow the link below for ALL the information and the link for download it.

Check the In The Groove 2 Page!

Thanks, Ov3rHell3XoduZ (Admin).

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